Statement by National Law University, Delhi


We, the faculty, staff, students and alumni of National Law University, Delhi stand in solidarity with our colleague, professor, and friend, Sudha Bharadwaj who was arrested on 28th August 2018 allegedly in connection with the Bhima Koregaon violence, and was held in illegal detention in contravention of the Constitution of India and in defiance of orders of the Punjab and Haryana High Court.

Sudha Bharadwaj is an embodiment of the best in our profession – a fearless critic of governmental lawlessness, an emphatic and empathetic advocate amplifying the voices of those who are rarely heard within the corridors of power, and a beacon for future generations of lawyers in this country. Through her advocacy, her teaching, and her life, Sudha Bharadwaj exemplifies the transformative roleofalawyerinasocietylikeours.Wecanonlyhopetobeasbrave,insightfulandconscientiousasher in our work and our daily lives. Citizens like Sudha Bharadwaj are the reason that our democracy lives andthrives.

Her extensive contributions to labour law, development, environment, women’s rights and access to justice has seen Sudha Bharadwaj being invited to the National Judicial Academy, state judicial academies, and also nominated to the governingbodyof the Chhattisgarh State Legal Services Authority. NLU Delhi has been exceptionally fortunate to have benefitted from her presence on the campusandinourclassrooms.IntheyearthatSudhaBharadwajhasbeenatNLU,Delhi,shehasbeen an inspiration for her students and colleagues. Despite her work on redressal of some of the gravest injustices in our country, she maintains an unwavering commitment to the vision of the Constitution and constantly emphasizes the use of constitutional methods in addressinginjustice.

We, law teachers, lawyers, law researchers, and law students, protest against the illegal detention of SudhaBharadwajindefianceoftheordersofthePunjabandHaryanaHighCourt.Yesterday,theHigh CourtorderedthatSudhaBharadwajbekeptatherhomependingthedecision,followingdueprocess, on her transit remand. However, till late in the evening, Sudha Bharadwaj was not taken home, and her whereabouts were not disclosed to her family or her legal team. This blatantly illegal action is evidenceofthevindictivenatureoftheentireexerciseofraidingandarrestinghumanrightslawyers, activists and defenders across thecountry.

We, citizens of India, vehemently oppose the use of the police, government resources and state institutions to systematically target and intimidate human rights defenders who have dedicated their livestoworkingforhumanrights.Thisflagrantabuseofstatepowertopersecuteandendangerthose who uphold the Constitution and its core values threatens the foundation of thisnation.

President Radhakrishnan had urged universities to not be prisoners of the past but to instead be pilgrims of the future. As those dedicated to the task of imagining a better future for this country, we condemn, in the strongest possible terms, the state’s systematic suppression of dissent and the shrinking space for contesting injustice. We demand that the government stop its vendetta against human rights defenders, and recognize the value of dissent in a vibrant democracy.


S. No.
S. No.
S. No.
1Aparna Chandra Assistant Professor21Saral Khandelwal Student41Shreyasi Tripathi Student
2Chinmayi Arun Assistant Professor22Siddharth Gautam Student42Prashanth K P Student
3Anup Surendranath Assistant Professor23Nidhi Pratap Singh Student43Kaushik Thanugonda Student
4Mrinal Satish Professor24Devdutta Mukhopadhyay Student44Tushar Varma Student
5Sophy Assistant Professor25Aditya Garg Student45Sahil Malhotra Student
6Arul Scaria George Assistant Professor26Manisha Bhau Student46Vanya Bajaj Student
7Daniel Mathew Assistant Professor27Mahima Jain Student47Shivkirpal Student
8Jasper Vikas Assistant Professor28Preksha Sharma Student48Yashita Gour Student
9Aadarsh Singh Student29Nitesh Mishra Student49Shreya Shree Research Fellow
10Malavika Parthasarathy Research Fellow30Harikartik Ramesh Student50Tammana Malik Student
11Garvit Chaudhary Student31Tejaswita Kharel Student51Surya Vasu Student
12Kaali Prasad Student32Palash Srivastava Student52Oshika Student
13Anuj Dubey Student33Akanshha Agrawal Student53Pragya Singh Student
14Arpan Verma Student34Karthik Tayur Student54Vedangini Bisht Student
15Priyanka Hazarika Alumnus35Animesh Chaudhary Student55Ashima Sharma Student
16Kushaan Dosajh Alumnus36Rakesh Roshan Student56Saloni Ambastha Student
17Sanchit Saluja Alumnus37Mohit Chawdhry Alumnus57Swagat Dash Student
18Sanjana Ravjiani Student38Vanya Chhabra Alumnus58Akanksha Mathur Student
19DVL Vidya Student39Mukul Raizada Assistant Professor59Madhav Nakra Student
20Vasundhra Student40Gaurika Khandelwal Student60Prastuti Tiwari Student
S. No.
S. No.
S. No.
61Nikhitha Tadigoppula Student81Harsh Chaudhary Student101Atishay Dhaker Student
62Kaustub Narendran Student82Kannan jhunjhunwala Student102Isha Gupta Student
63Priyamvada Kaushik Student83Shubham Jain Student103Mukul Verma Student
64Manav Dhanetiya Student84Nidhi Khandelwal Student104Nitisha Raj Student
65Atulya Gupta Student85Karthik Inzamam Prasad Student105Sapna Sagar Student
66Amit Verma Student86Manisha Kawat Student106Shreya Bhatnagar Student
67Srikari Student87Padma Venkataraman Student107Anushka Pandey Student
68Amay Bahri Student88Varsha Sharma Student108Aatman Shukla Student
69Anant Sangal Student89Himaa Student109Devina Malaviya Alumnus
70Abhishek Kumar Student90Aayushi Goyal Student110Subhro Prokas Alumnus
71Nikita Agarwal Alumnus91Vidushi Student111Samith Sagaranahalli Alumnus
72Shubham Chaudhary Student92Nidhi Kumari Student112Tia Majumdar Student
73Riya Student93Prashasthi Bhat Student113Anupriya Dhonchak Student
74Pragya Dwivedi Student94Pritam Raman Giriya Student114Lakshya Gupta Alumnus
75Abhay Student95Aishwarya Gupta Student115Amber Tickoo Student
76Shubhangi Agarwalla Student96Aastha Gangwal Student116Simran Jain Student
77Pawani Mathur Alumnus97Ekta Tomar Student117Pratikshya Priyadarshini
78Sanchita Bhat Student98Siddharth Gupta Alumnus118Anuj Manoj Bhave Student
79Diksha Brahma Student99Shreyashi Ray Research Fellow (Law)119Preetam bharti Student
80Priya Tyagi Student100Arshu John Alumnus120Alind Gupta Student
S. No.
S. No.
S. No.
121Aarushi Mahajan Alumnus141Maulshree Pathak Alumnus161Priyanka Choudhary Research Fellow (Law)
122Anuna Tiwari Student142Hardeep Singh Alumnus162Sucheta Roy Alumnus
123Shrinkhala Jaiswal Research Fellow143Chinmayi Shrivastava Student163Vaibhav Aggarwal Alumnus
124Lakshana Ramakrishnan144Jeetu Tolani Student164Bharti Singh Student
125Meghadarshini M S Student145Anshika Kesarwani Student165Devashish Godbole Alumnus
126Nishtha Sinha Alumnus146Wangdi Tshering Bhutia Alumnus166Riddhi Jad Alumnus
127Saumya Bhatt Alumnus147Anukriti Kudeshia Student167Nishant Badhran Student
128Neeraj Nainani Student148Ishita Sharma Alumnus168Ninni Susan Thomas Research Fellow
129Arpit Agarwal Student149Aditya Anand Student169Anshu Consultant Advocate
130Jagata Swaminathan Alumnus150Abhinav Hansaraman Student170Medha Deo Programme Director
131Kartikey Singh Student151Kashish Singhal Student171Amartya Kanjilal Research Associate
132Gale Andrew Alumnus152Vandana Meena Student172Shuchita Goel Student
133Anshul Gondale Student153Rum Shoute Student173Shweta Wankhede Associate
134Shambhavi Singh Student154Divyansh Joshi Student174Mini Saxena Alumnus
135Sarvjeet Singh Alumnus155Geetansh Agarwal Student175Shubham Gupta Alumnus


Neha Jha Student


Keerthana Medarametla Alumnus

Peter John Research Associate (2016- 18)


Akshat Agarwal Alumnus

Maloth Chandrashekhar Kumar Student

Devina Sikdar Research Associate


Astha Upadhyaya Student

Shreya Rastogi Alumnus & Research Associate

Raunaq Chandrashekar Alumnus
139Nikhil Anand Student159Kuhuk Jain Alumnus179Devesh Saboo Alumnus
140Karishma Padia Alumnus160Shweta Kabra Alumnus180Vaibhavi Shaunak Alumnus
S. No.
S. No.
S. No.
181Karan Vijay Student Student201Vaibhav Dutt Alumnus221Ayushi Agrawal Student

Damini Davinder Singh Alumnus

Himanshu Mishra Student


Prarthna sharma Student
183Priya Student203Abhimanyu Yadav Student223Bhavya Phutela Student
184Anurag Goswami Alumnus204R S Lakshman Alumnus224Sonal Sarda Alumnus
185Meghna Bhaskar Student205Abhinav Srivastava Alumnus225Ravi Arora Alumnus
186Neetika Vishwanath Research Associate206Raashi Pathak Student226Shubhi Khare Student
187Saachi Agrawal Student207Shweta Venkatesan Student227Abhishek Mittal Student
188Sanya Kumar Alumnus208Dr. Prem Chand Assistant Professor228Vikramaditya Alumnus
189Prakhar Agarwal Student209Anshul Student229Divyanshu Chaudhary Student
190Kumar Ritwik Student210Rahul Kawat Alumnus230Siddhant Sachdeva Student
191Vaibhav Student211Monalisa Alumnus231Abhishek Sharma Student
192Anuj Sharma Alumnus212Manaswini Singh Student232Rahul Kumar Student
193Koirobi Biswas Student213Ipsita Pallavi Student233Siddhant Raj Student
194Shivalik Chandan Student214Ayushi Pathak Student234Aradhana C.V. Alumna Alumnus
195Rohan Andrew Naik Student215Akhil Bhardwaj Alumnus235Saral Minocha Alumnus
196Diksha Mendiratta Student216Anupama Singh Student236Maitreyi Misra Research Associate
197Chinmay Kanojia Alumnus217Prachi Tatiwal Student237Yashika Jain Alumnus
198Pritika Malhotra Alumnus218Atharva Kotwal Student238Bhavna Jha Alumnus
199Anugya Chauhan Student219Archita Srivastava Student239Aaditya Arora Student
200Tijil Thakur Student220Aadya Antya Student240Sonal Bharti Student
S. No.
S. No.
S. No.
241Aaditya Gambhir Student261Asmita Verma Student281Gauri Soni Student
242Devanshi Saxena Alumnus262Ravishankar M Alumnus282Aditya Mittal Student
243Vivek Singh Alumnus263Anuradha Godrey Alumnus283Shivani Singh Student
244Shubhi Khare Student264Nimit Rajesh Goyal Student284Tania Singla Alumnus
245Monika Negi Assistant Professor265Shruti Srivastava Student285RBV Pratap Singh Student


Niranjan Student

Priyendra Vikram Singh Student
Sumon Sourabh Brahma Alumnus
247Tanvi Agrawal Alumnus267Surbhi Student287Surbhi Karwa Student
248Prashant Tahlani Alumnus268Rahil Chatterjee Research Fellow288Amita Punj Associate Professor
249Aishwarya Kane Alumnus269John Sebastian Alumnus289Manas Student

Shrutanjaya Bharadwaj Alumnus

Tanaya Rajwade Student


Harsh Arya Student
251Tishta Tandon Student271Sakshi Tikmany Student291Deepika Parya Student
252Devashish Chauhan Alumnus272Abhishek Student Student292Parul Sharma Alumnus
253Priyanka Goel Alumnus273Kriti Shrivastava Student293Shambhavi Singh Alumnus


Akhil Mallipeddi Alumnus


Aditi Sharma Student

AmardeepSinghSandhu Student
255Akshay BD Alumnus275Isha Goel Student295Dedipyaman Shukla Student
256Sarvatrajit Singh Alumnus276Shrey Patnaik Alumnus296Pundrikaksh Student


Akansha Seth Alumnus


Suneet Anand Student


Dona John Project 39A
258Tarun Sundaram Student278Anmol Mittal Student298Palak Jawa Student


Nikhil Prasad Student


Bharat Student


Toshit Shandilya Alumnus
260Saloni Jain Alumnus280Prakhar Ganguly Alumnus300Aviral Singhal Student
300Aviral Singhal Student
301Tanishka Goswami Student
302Ambar Modi Student
303Sucheto Chophy Student
304Aasavri Rai Student


Mansi Relhan Student
306Vandana Venkatesh Alumnus
307Arshdeep Student
308Vandana Venkatesh Alumnus


Nayantara Pande Alumnus
310Mehak Bajpai Teaching Assistant
311Rishika Sahgal Alumnus
312Jagrit Vyas Student