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सरकार सुधा भारद्वाज से क्यों डरती है?

रविवार, जनवरी 24, 2021 11:00 AM ज़ूम मीटिंग में जुड़े Meeting ID: 881 2163 9777Passcode: sudha सुधा भारद्वाज एक प्रसिद्ध मानवाधिकार अधिवक्ता और श्रमिक आन्दोलन की नेत्री हैं, और उन 16 सामाजिक कार्यकर्ताओं में शामिल हैं जिन्हें कुख्यात भीमा कोरेगाँव केस में दो साल से अधिक जेल में कैद किया गया है। उनकी गिरफ्तारी के […]

From the PCSS Union in Bhilai

Rajkumar Sahu and Lakhan Sahu from Pragatisheel Cement Shramik Sangh (PCSS) speak of their long association with Sudha and the historic struggle and unprecedented settlement with Lafarge Holcim and ACC Cement that they fought for over 25 years

Statement by Caste Annihilation Movement

We demand unconditional and immediate release of all political prisoners including Comrades Sudha Bharadwaj, Anand Teltumbde! Come out on 28 August in solidarity with those Comrades who are struggling for people’s cause! Instead of arresting the RSS leaders who have unleashed the hate campaign and violence,  the Corporate,  Saffronised,  Fascist Government led by Modi arrested […]

Anti-caste leader Lakhan Subodh recalls his first meeting with Sudha

*सुधा भारद्वाज की षड्यंत्र पूर्वक गिरफ्तारी के पीछे मनुवादी फासिस्ट दमन नीति और हमारे कर्तव्य*★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ सुधा भारद्वाज अन्याय के शिकार हुए श्रमिकों, दलितों ,आदिवासियों ,भू-विस्थापितों के बीच एवं इससे ज्यादा शोषक-लुटेरों के बीच एक जाना पहचाना नाम है।शोषित के लिए वे न सिर्फ न्यायलयीन कार्य में बतौर एडव्होकेट के रूप में बल्कि दैनंदिनम गतिविधियों में […]

Often talking is more difficult than fighting…

Duniya ke Mazdooron Ek Ho! Looteron ki Jageer Nahi, Chhattisgarh Hamara Hai! Inquilab Zindabad! Often “talking” is more difficult than “fighting, but the contract workers of Chhattisgarh did that too … and inked a remarkable settlement. 22nd January 2016 marks a watershed in a 25 year long struggle for contract workers in the ACC Jamul […]

Recalling the “Mountain Woman” – Seema Kurup

“You address everyone else by their names. Just because i have some extra grey hair doesn’t mean that you have to call me didi. I would rather you treat me equally. Please call me Sudha.” ‌This gentle yet firm reprimand came from the tall, strapping woman in a starched sari that she hadn’t changed for […]

IndustriALL: Calling for the release of sister Sudha Bharadwaj, leader of affiliate Pragatisheel Cement Shramik Sangh Union

Geneva, 28 August 2020 Honourable President, I am writing to you on behalf of IndustriALL Global Union,, which represents more than 50 million workers in the mining, energy and manufacturing sectors in 140 countries, including in India to call upon you to release our colleague and union activist, leader of Pragatisheel Cement Shramik Sangh union […]